Home Gym Kettler Strenght Kinetic F7


Made in Germany

Exercise Stations
Butterfly Yes
Bench press seated Yes
Crunches seated Yes
Latissimus rope frame Yes
3D-flexmotion system N/A
Lower pulley for various arm and leg exercises Yes
Double-cable-pulley Yes
Rowing Yes
Leg extension Yes
Leg curl Yes
Leg press Yes
Technical Features
Weight blocks 5-80 kg (16 x 5 kg)
Adjustable bench press unit Yes
Adjustable butterfly arms Yes
Butterfly, cammed Yes
Leg extension, adjustable Yes
Leg extension, cammed Yes
Padded seat, adjustable in height Yes
Ball-bearing supported pulley guide rollers Yes
Plastic-coated steel ropes Yes
Polyester ropes in the wire rope system Yes
Maximum weight 80 kg (extendable to 100 kg);
Double-cable 2 x 40 kg; Leg press 160 kg
Maximum user weight 150 kg
Dimensions, set up L / W/H in cm (approx.) 200 / 200 / 215

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