Harga Kettler Crosstrainer Rivo M Berkualitas


Training Computer
Time, distance per session, total distance, speed, stride speed Yes
Performance in Watts N/A
Energy consumption Yes
Pulse-rate measurement Hand sensors
POLAR-compatible pulse receiver (5 kHz) N/A
Upper pulse-rate limit Visual alarm
Average values at end of training session N/A
Recovery-pulse measurement + fitness mark Yes
Target settings Yes
Display LCD
Graphic display N/A
Permanent display of 6 functions
User memory N/A
Total exercising programs N/A
Target-zone training (fat / fit / manual) N/A
Pulse-rate controlled programs N/A
Freely adaptable performance programs N/A
Individual performance programs N/A
Individual pulse-rate controlled programs N/A
Manual strain control Yes
Sweat resistant keypad Yes
Computer interface N/A
Technical Features
Brake system Magnetic
Drive system Drive disk / Lengthwise-groove belt
Transmission ratio 1 : 11
Flywheel mass 12 kg
Performance control Dependent on rpm
Performance range 1 – 8 (manual)
Power supply Batteries
DIN EN class DIN EN 957-1/9, class HB
Size when set up (L / W / H in cm, approx.) 132 / 68 / 163
Tread clearance / stride length / ellipse height in mm (approx.) 360 / 300 / 180
Max. load 110 kg
Bearings on turning joint Pendulum ball-bearing in disk joints, double ball-bearing
Treads Adjustable
Additional holder or handle Yes
Water bottle holder N/A
Storage compartment N/A
Castors / height adjustment Yes

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